What Does One Do...

when ones spouse has given up on sex. Where can one turn? How does one find a lover to fulfill the need?

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NotDave is telling the truth...

I too have difficulty finding an individual to meet my needs. Dating services tend to only supply fake or undesirable matches. All I had ever gotten from them was an increase in spam.

Yes, but what does your wife want? And where are you from?

where are you from? i want my wife to be seduced by somebody.... please write me to berndwirth1@gmail.com

Enna,<br />
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There doesn't seem to be an honest free adult dating site with women in my area.<br />
<br />
All I seem to find are dishonest sites that spoof fake women in order to get membership fees.<br />
<br />
It's beyond slimy.<br />
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JRSK007, have you considered an adult dating site? I realise it is not a very "romantic" solution, but I think it has a lot of advantages for people in our situation.<BR><BR>You can advertise for exactly what you want /need without concern that you will be offending anyone. Pretty difficult to walk up to someone in real life and ask if they'd like to be your ****buddy!! Lol!<BR><BR>You can vet the applicants - because emailing first is the accepted way to answer interested people. And then you can meet and discuss your "requirements" before embarking on a "connection" - can't really call it a relationship! (Just be sure to do this on neutral territory and don't give identifying information until / unless you are asolutely sure the person is OK.)<BR><BR>You can meet someone who is outside your regular social circle so this reduces the chance of your primary relationship being affected. You can advertise for "discretion" and those who answer you will know what you mean.<BR><BR>As a woman, I placed an ad and waited for men to respond to me - I never approached any men. I guess this is a hang up from my youth when "girls didn't approach guys"! But as a male, you might find it more effective to look for women advertising for the same sort of commitment you are looking for and respond to them.<BR><BR>If you want to discuss anything further, feel free to PM me.

Nah its dead boring!

Dunno......I thought I'd found one but he is away having his needs fulfilled somewhere else : (