I Have To Disagree

As a species, a race, sex is a need. As an individual, it is merely a desire, nothing more. For some people, the desire is stronger than others. It boils down to an issue of self-control, determination, and stress control. It is a craving that can be controlled. Everyone has the potential to control it, but most let it run rampant. A life without sex can be just as great or even better than a life with sex; it just depends on how you perceive it.

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5 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I beg to differ. For some people there is an emotional need tied to sex. For some, it's serves as way for them to express love and affection. For others, sex is tied into their feelings of self worth. For still others, sex is used as a way of establishing a deeper emotional connection with their lover.

There are more reasons why we should have sex more often, even if it is in the form of ************. Yet again it is social conditioning that makes sex seem bad and should be contained. The best sex is sex from the heart and with love.

Well I love sex way way too much now to not have it. In my first marriage and before I enjoyed sex and was controled. Now I am having the best sex ever and there really is no reason for control


I agree that for some it may not be a need but for others. like me, it is.... I need to have those endorphins released...After being in a sexless marriages for years, I had to go on antidepressants to help me deal with my lack of serotonin.....when I had sex again, I was able to function and cut down on my pills. I NEED the physical release.