It Can Ease The Aches Better than Bengay

I hope you like the views from my window. If you were here you could be standing at the window with your breasts pressing against the glass while I am kneeling behind you with my hands parting your cheeks and my tongue teasing your ***! 

Well, that idea got me hard again, and I have already sorted myself out twice after our chat! You do turn me on so, you gorgeous sexy thing!!

Love from Sydney,
     ~ message to Milky, 24 November 2012

Here's the thing about him that is perhaps most endearing: he loves his wife.  Really.  Yes, he had sex with me online last night, but in the end, he always thinks about her, and wants to do it with her.  I am just a friend, a stand in for a wife who's depressed and suffering from some physical aches and pains.  I wish she would set those considerations aside and just **** the guy.  She might find that her mood lifts and aches and pains go away when she's enjoying an ****** or two.  My shoulder had been aching from some overuse, and yet when he and I had sexchat, I forgot all about the pain as I came hard.

I had a chat with X this morning and told her I have been horny all week.  I said I hope she is starting to feel sexual again, but did not get such an enthusiastic response.  She has had a headache all week and is tired.  When I hung off she sent me a nice SMS apologising and telling me she loves me!  So that's nice. :)
    ~ message to Milky, 28 November 2012

This is how I know he loves her:  he talks about her.  Well, he chats about her.  Writes about her.  Mentions her in chat conversation in positive terms.  And tries hard to assure that she not be hurt by our cyber liaison.  Example:  he'd sent me some nice shots from his hotel room in Sydney, where he's conducting some business.  I was excited to see the opera house from his window, and read the lascivious words that accompanied the picture.  I asked for permission to post the picture.  I already have carte blanche to use his words, as long as his identity is protected.  So I shan't mention his first name to you, nor the city in which he lives.   His response amused me, but it didn't surprise me.  And my amusement was tinged with affection.  It's nice to see a man who loves his wife.

Please do not use the scenes out of the window though, as I also sent those to my wife (a million to one chance I know, but.....). Funnily enough, there is a couple on EP where the guy has a **** which I think is very similar to mine. So much so, in my mind, if X saw them she may think I am 'putting it about' a bit! Well, you may tell me that I have an overinflated opinion of myself, but I think it does look like me! :-D
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

As my divorce draws near I am so conflicted. I truly love my wife and will sometimes tear up at the thought of her departure from my life. But she has also done some terrible and damaging things over the years that anger and sadden me, and ultimately, cannot be forgiven. I am smarter now and resigned to this course. Besides, she would never admit fault nor seek forgiveness. But as the mother of my children and a woman who once loved me well, calling me her prince, I can't be hateful and bitter towards her. I wish her well and will always love her with this broken heart.

I hope you find a new lady who appreciates you.

Thanks, I will, but I'm not going to rush to find her. As I consider my life and the many women that I have known, and some of the very interesting women that I have talked to through EP, the picture of what I want in a woman becomes much clearer. I don't want to waste anymore years on unhappiness.