My 10 Reasons Why Shaggy Is A Stoner

Here's my points
1. His name is Shaggy. (The only thing worse would be Shroomer)
2. Always having 'the Munchies'
3. Generally just talks like he's high!
4. Constantly paranoid (never wanting to go solve mysteries! Ehhh ehhh!)
5. Baggy clothes, shag hair, and never clean shaven (come to think of it he never changed his clothes either)
6. Always riding in the back off the van ( think about it you never really see what they do!)
7. Never really had a job (had to have something to stay entertained!)
8. Said 'Zoiks' (I mean come on! What is that anyway!)
9. Acting mellow and constantly laughing!
and finally
10. He talks to a DOG!!!

So in conclusion. Shaggy is a stoner! :)
BlackTattooedEverything BlackTattooedEverything
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

The dog (Scooby) talks as well not just to Shaggy but his other high school friends. And "Zoinks!" is some sort of an expression that doesn't make any sense. Like I stated above, the Mystery Gang are in high school but look more older than High school age especially Freddie.

And would Scooby Snaxs (yes thats one of the spellings) be made of some kind of drug? Or is it just caffeine?