The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

I was raised Baptist and going to church regularly. I must admit I have been away from church for many years now. I still have my faith and belief in the Lord and that has not gone away. Lately in the last week I have had more people appear in my life that have a strong connection to the Lord. Some of these people I have encountered face to face and some through the internet. I have had some spiritual dreams and a feeling I can't shake that god is calling out for me. I have been suffering from depression and a lot of other heartbreaks and disappointments in the last several months.

  My next plan of action is to find a church where I will feel connected to the Lord. I believe that all churches are good but I am the kind of person that wants to feel the right connection so that I can grow spiritually. I don't want to just pick a random church leave it at that. I will pray that god will send me to the right church for me.

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I'm like you in that I think there is one certain church out there that is right for you... I myself had a hard time finding a church, too.<br />
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I was Saved in a Baptist church. I can't say I was raised in that church because I only went there for a couple of years. <br />
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Then when my husband and I decided to go to church together, I went to his church for a little while but I did not feel welcome there. He had went to that church with his ex-wife and now for me to go there with him and his son made me feel like I was just a stand-in for his ex-wife.<br />
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What was worse, some of the people there would say hi to my husband and his son but not to me. I felt like a total outcast.<br />
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So my husband and I started trying to go to a lot of different churches. Nothing really worked out for us, though. After a few years we started going back to that church that he was a member of when I met him.<br />
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And maybe all those people needed was some time to accept us. Or maybe I just needed some time to accept them. Because this time when I went, I felt accepted. More people began to see us as a family, and include me in things. Now, I'm going to that church, and I finally feel as though I belong to a church family. I pray that you will also find a church where the people will treat you like family. *hugs*

im also glad to see your mood is good.....LOL

i pray you will find a good church too.It is most important to have good strong christian brothers and sisters that are there to support and uplift you . You just never forget that God is right where we leave him . Not going on a trip any time so it is not too late and in the mean time Get in the Word and start stirring up the spirit in you , you ll be surprised what you already know. <br />
Praise the Lord for you , God bless