What Is The Meaning Of Life?

I think that the mere fact that most people ask this question at some point during their life eludes to our slavery. Why would we be seeking something so very intrinsic to our nature unless we were not, as it were, unfulfilled?

The masks that we wear, the games that we play, are all very convincing and elaborate. They keep us occupied, entertained, and sometimes give enjoyment. But never peace; and never that one thing that we all want, deep down.

Some people are so involved in the masks and the games and they are so secure in them that they have no need of asking questions. More often, people ask what its all about, but never really go into it. Rarer, one might want to know so badly that they go to great lengths to find the answer... only to find that there is none.

In fact the answer is here, within you. It always has been there, just waiting for you to realize it. But the mask prevents you from seeing it. You must lose yourself to find yourself; have nothing to inherit everything.
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Dec 14, 2012