The voice is a very complex and mysterious instrument.  It's our first tool to make contact with.  It's the very first faculty we use when we are born.  The hell if we don't yell for starters...


This very first am-i-welcome? cry of a new born child is soothing and reassuring.  It means that the baby is healthy and well.  Or so it is understood. 

If it keeps on crying for days, weeks and months, it's another matter.  A voice really can provoke something with the one who hears it. 

Moreover, every voice is unique.  Some voices are horrible.  Others are sweet.  Some women loose all of their charm as soon as they start to speak and not because they have nothing to say.  Same for men.  Some people stay unnoticed as long as their voice isn't heard.  The sound they produce can enchant and steal the hearts or command them.


Every voice has many layers and registers.  A whispered word is different.  An order has a particular tone too. 

The eternally secret words of love, trivial commonplaces as they may be, are softly spoken as a rule. 

Among the most suggestive and arousing are the meaningless sounds of a lover.

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