I do believe in many different kinds of love.

Maternal- That motherly "take care of my baby!" thing. Even if the person happens to not be your child.

Friendship- A bit obvious.

Childlike- The innocent wonder, love of small/simple things.   

Tough love- Being the voice of reason because you care about someone and don't want to see them get hurt. This happens to be my most frequent type. If I love someone, that means honesty. Honesty means not ONLY telling you what you want to hear. All out of adoration, not malice. 

Unconditional - Other than the love between a mother and infant....or maybe a spoiled pet and its owner, I'm not sure it exists much between grown people. I know, it sounds sad and cynical for me to say that. I just haven't seen much love between adults that wasn't conditional in some fashion.

New love- That passionate type when a relationship first begins and you're totally consumed with one another.

There is also that more mature type where you've been together for a while, the passion is still there, just tempered with experience. It smolders beneath the surface but its not quite as much about jumping in headfirst as new love is. It sort of like comparing wine and grape juice. :)

I believe in all of these and many hybrids made of combinations of each.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

I believe that the psychology books define unconditional love as a state of insanity, so you are being completely logical. :)