Why Certain People Appear In Our Lives.

A friend told me years ago that, when I am ready to learn a life lesson, a teacher will appear. Tonight I think on these words and realize that nothing happens by chance. Some people have entered my life that were not the best for me but I did learn something about myself from these experiences.

The healthier I am spiritually and mentally, the more good people enter my life. The Law of Attraction working in my life now. Some of these people linger for a time and some stay with me but all have had an influence on me. Perhaps now I can see the differences in people more clearly and also the similarities. Respect brings respect in return. Controlling natures in a person is a huge turn off but a kind and gentle soul brings out the best in me. Positive energies flow back and forth quite easily.

Being at peace in one's heart is one of the greatest gifts this life has to offer. My grateful thanks for everyone who has touched my life in a good way.
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I also believe what you have written. I believe I have gone threw what I have gone threw (& my love also) so that we could meet and fall in love. Totally understanding each other having gone threw similar past relationships.
Your last paragraph was touching

Thank you for the post

Thank you Unshakable for your comment. When our journey through life gets hard, the power in the universe hears us and is always a constant that we can reach out to with our wants and needs and we will be heard. Why it is always important to give thanks for the good and to ask for answers and resolutions to anything that we are facing. <br />
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There is no "perfect" way to ask. What is important is to realize that we deserve the good and not be fearful or feel selfish and ashamed in our asking. Over the past few days I once again was presented with a problem that I wanted to find answers for and I have. My eyes were opened and I am once again empowered with strength. As in all things in life, this is a learning process as I believe that we can learn until we pass from this life. Blessings,D

Thanks for this sharing.I believe in the Law of Attraction.Whats new to me i learned from you is the universe is aware of our needs,allowing the answers to happen and believing brings them to us.Its really empowering and comforting.I will remember always and pravtice.Peace and Happiness.

More reinforcement that the Law of Attraction works and that the universe is aware of what we need at any given time. Allowing the answers to happen and believing brings them to us. Very empowering and a comfort that is always available. Thank you for this Dee67. Peace,D.

Wow! That's so great, I love it when things like this happen :) Proof positive that we attract what we are needing! This is so cool. Life works in such mysterious and wonderful ways :)

Dee67. What you wrote in your comment, "because we get so wrapped up in our own version of it." hits home with me in a huge way! Just yesterday I was faced with dealing with my own version of something and was made to think about this particular event. I spent hours going back and putting together what happened on this particular day and realized that what I had kept in my mind was not what transpired. Intellectually I knew but emotionally I was having a battle with my memory. Now that event is clear and I will move forward with knowledge. <br />
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Yesterday I needed a wake up call and this happened. People helped me sort out something very important to my future well being. So many negative events have happened over the past few years and I have learned from them and am still learning. As my story inspired you Dee67, your comment inspired me and was so timely. Thank you,D.

Your story leaves me feeling so inspired. I have also experienced this as well -- I have come to believe that, in particular, difficult circumstances are our greatest teachers. When we come to find this, then we see the gift that such situations bring. I also think we attract what we are needing to 'wake us up' to reality, because we get so wrapped up in our own version of it. Precious others come along and give us a hand in sorting through our truths. Some are meant to stay for a time, some are meant to move on. Some come and go in and out of our lives. <br />
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This is turning into a story for me, lol, so I may post it as such as well. Thank you for inspiring me with your words, dartist.

Feel free to print this and take it with you. Thank you for enjoying this and for your comment. Blessings, D.

This truly is such a simple life lesson destry and one that I wish I knew when I was younger but I am grateful that I know this now. Little affirmations happen on a constant basis now like the flow of a stream that carries me to where I am meant to be. Thank you for your comment.