Why You Should Never Let Your Friends Set Up Your Dates

This is a cute family story my grandparents told me about how they got together.

My grandparents both found each other attractive in high school but had never really talked because my grandfather was shy about asking girls out and back then girls typically didn't ask the guys out.

Well, my grandfather was too shy to ask for himself, but he wanted to do something creative to get her attention so he got a female classmate that they both knew to ask her to tie a pair of her bloomers to her mailbox if she would go out with him.

The classmate delivered the message, and my grandmother tied the bloomers to the mailbox. However, there had been some miscommunication. My grandmother thought he meant if she would consider going out with him sometime to be later determined, but he meant if she would go out with him that weekend.

So Saturday came and he showed up at her house in a tuxedo with flowers. She had just washed her hair and was sitting around the house in her bathrobe when my grandfather showed up and they were both mortified.

However, she got dressed and dried her hair the best she could. It was late by then, but they went out for a drive together to look at Christmas lights in town.

They then started dating and have now been together for almost 50 years.
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Sep 8, 2012