Meeting The One!!!!

My problem is this.....I fall in love too easily, like WAYYYYY too easily :) I am just a generally loving, caring person by nature. So it feels natural to be in love. It feels great obviously. But then I get scared. I think that what if this person doesn't like me as much as I like them?? What if I am stifling them with my over bearing, caring personality?? That's when things come crashing down around me and doubts creep in. Doubts like " Why would he even like me anyway?" I'm not pretty/confident/funny like every other woman is! Those doubts can really mess things up in my head and ultimately in reality too.
I just want to find someone who I comfortable with. It has to be someone too who can accept my bipolar and not wet their knickers when I mention I have been suicidal in the past! In all fairness who hasn't been there. Most people are just good at hiding it. They think that by doing so they are clever. Surely there is a guy there for me who will not only like but love me and not just for sexual gratification! That has happened in the past and it is the most hurtful type of situation to be in!!

So come on Mr Right and prove my brain wrong :)
deehitcher deehitcher
26-30, F
Jan 10, 2013