Are We Really That Stupid?

It seems like there's a lot of social pressure in the united states these days for "change," but nobody ever really bothers to define what constitutes as change.  There's just this nebulous thought that we ought to be different than we are, that things should have somehow worked out differently by now, but what we mean by that we aren't exactly certain.  Okay, well, I DO believe we have to change, and these are the primary beliefs I hold to be self evident as regards that change-

1.  We must, under all circumstances, cease voting for people that run for office.  I don't care how pretty they are, or how educated they are, if they are running for office they are probably in it for the wrong reason.

2.  We must concern ourselves with ourselves and leave other people alone.  By this I mean to say that what other people do or believe is up to them.  We can not police peoples thoughts or emotions, and it is the habit of dictators and tyrants to do so. 

3. I believe we must change the way we go about our lives.  We can not remove hate, but we can hate evil.  We can not remove intolerance, but we can be intolerant of meanness.  We cannot eradicate lies, but we can encourage truth. 

It is up to each of us to change, we should hop to it.

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Thank you, you're right, I did forget that one thing, so here's an ammendment:<br />
<br />
4. We must, in all instances, excise what evil we can from our society. And yes, that means we must punish those who do wrong, and yes, it means we must exile or imprison for life those that can not or will not be rehabilitated. <br />
It is the responsibility of a responsible society to protect those that cannot protect themselves and to offer hope to the hopeless. We can not continue to allow child molesters and serial rapists to wander the streets unchecked because they "found jesus" or some other meaningless drivel. Repeat offenders need serious treatment, and some of them need to be permanantly incarcerated to prevent them from reoffending and destroying countless small fragile lives.

I do like the way you came forword and took that stand.You are so right.I think about it all the time and we trusted the goverment.It makes me sick that our younger people do not have that solid rock to stand on.The land of the home and the free!We also need to have more strick laws I mean,child,rape-est parents who are not fit to be parents.If just one time they would throw the book and tell these sick people,know more sex for you.then what ever takes do it!My God the may as well kill the child the have messed up her life her childrens lives and it goes on.We pay to keep them in a warm place and feed them!while some of our older senior go with out their meds and roast in the hot wheather.This country needs more then a war.I some times get so upset.I know for a fact If We would do something it has to start with us Maybe write letter's to who ever and I don't mean a few but thousand up on thousands.I am with you!