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February - 2013

I do not know where this is from. I just found it.
1petitegreeneyes 1petitegreeneyes 46-50, F 12 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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Could you find me one also ?

Find you one?

a breath taking beauty

Find you beauty? Not the lingerie but a woman?

Breathtaking beauty!


You would look great in it

See-through leaves nothing to the imagination. I love it.

very sexy... right down to the heels :-)

wow, where did you get a pic of my wife???.......and what is she wearing?

Wel hello there! :-D


its not the lingerie, its who is wearing it?
when its you, then its sexy.

awww.............thanks! :)

Very nice. I can definitely see you in something like this.

Thanks! *smile*

You found it now you want it, don`t you? Very sexy my dear. ;o)

Thanks Deg! *smile*

Shoes too?

I went all out!

Isn't she delightfully beautiful- classy and beautiful- mmmmmmh - real nice - thank you for posting - mark xx

Thanks for looking and for commenting! *smile*