Older The Lady Golder The Honey

Well yes just like the saying that goes "Older the Bull harder the horn" I am certain its similar as "Older the lady bolder the venture" It started out like this I live in an apartment where my neighbor is a divorcee with a kid of 03 yrs.She was 33 about 5ft 2" in height skin the color of golden honey with a pair of legs worth dying for. My adventure in her bed started out like this, I would see her coming home from work & being an ardent admirer of her lethal legs tried to find as many ways as I could to get with her. My opportunity came when I knew she was employed at a Travel agency & it so happened that I had assignment on an Airline industry to write about. So one eve having waited for her to return from work, I approached her & broached her about the matter In concern. She having seen me smiling at her on several occasions didn't want to let me down & invited me to her place later that eve. I arrive at her place just like the school kid I was wearing nothing but a loose pair of shorts & t'shirt. She invited me in & after the usual formalities we got down to the task at hand. Now she was wearing a low cut dress exposing her golden legs to which I kept glancing at from time to time only to be met shamefully with a knowing stare. So she sits right opposite me & opens the books, we get along until I feel something brushing against my inner thigh & slowly snaking upwards to my genitals, I glance downwards only to be met with her gorgeous feet very near my my now erect & throbbing manhood. She senses my arousal & looks deep into my eyes asking me in a low & sensual tone as to weather I would like her to stroke it,to which Iam rendered speechless, I nod my head & she stands up grabs me by my Shoulders & we are locked in a passionate kiss. She strokes & fondles me through my shorts & Iam unable to contain my load & ********* in my shorts.
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36-40, M
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She sounds like a woman who knows what she wants, and gets it! Thank you for sharing