Even At 50 Women Can Still Rock Your World

when i was in my 20's , i ran into a women in a fetish club event who was 50. young people where not milling around her. i was curious as to how long she was into the fetish scene, so i walked over and proceded to talk. we had some common interests we chatted about and she asked how come i had broken the age barrier just to talk to her. i had mentioned that i was curious about how long she had been in the scene and was dismayed at the lack of experience that other 20 somethings have. she asked if i wanted me and her to play one night. i told her that was not my intention, but i was curious after talking to her and hearing somethings. now her hair had grey streaks but she looked pretty good. so i figured why not. she was almost always dominant and had no one regular with her for awhile. we agreed to some bondage and roleplay stuff. we agreed that sex was not the goal. we left for her house. she was divorced, kids away and grown , no one lived with her. i said that i could stop by and chat more if this goes smoothly. she said ok. we took a shower together and made sure each other was clean. she lead me to her bed and pulled out ropes and toys. she tied me up, teased me and started performing various acts like spanking, flogging, and such. she squeezed my genitals very hard and tortured my crotch repeatedly. she said that i if i signed a contract she would show me mercy. i didn't care about mercy i was too horny. i asked a question or two and signed. for the next month i was her slave and i loved it. i ended up performing lots of sex acts for her pleasure. none of the younger girls were having sex twice aday or more with teasing and playing on top. she wasn't some cougar, she was a goddess who drove me to the breaking point of sex. when the month contract was up i said i wanted to extend it. she provided a new one. this one required me to move in and perform even more occurances of sex than the previous month. it also allowed even more harsh treatment. but if i was good boy though it wasn't much of a problem.

best couple of months ever!!!

freefloater freefloater
31-35, M
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Thanks for sharing your experience! You both had a good time!