My Friends Will Judge Me... Dont You Judge Me Too

So this is going to be lengthy, sorry.

I started dating him Dec 5, 2011. I broke it off Dec 16, 2012. Why? he wouldnt commit and I was suspicious. He was less concerned with what I was doing on a day to day basis. He stayed glued to his phone. and words of affection less frequent. Plus he moved my clothes out off his bedroom floor and pushed a tub of Halloween decorations out of sight into his son's room. (these items stayed untouched for the week previous and the tub for over a month) that isn't like him to clean just my crap and leave his mess...

The night of Dec 15th we went to an ugly Christmas sweater party at my co-workers home. He and I had been out with my coworker on several occasions.At this party there was a lop side of male to female match up, most of the time my guy didnt go for some reason or another. While at the party he made sure they guys knew I was with him... **** Blocking like crazy.... which is fine I had only been seeing him and only sleeping with him for a yr. We were just dating but I was loyal.

The next morning we wake up and he is on his phone promptly. He set it down unlocked and message showing. He was explaining to Amber that he thought she might have been busy last night so he didn't want to bother her... I see this and ask who is Amber.....

well she is the waitress who has waited on us for months at a certain little bar/restaurant we go to. SHE knows we are an item or at least dating over an extended period.

So I end up throwing in the towel later that day, when I get no answers out of him except "she is a friend, you have nothing to worry about" I had to figure out it was the waitress on my own. I had to get my car part out of his garage Monday morning because it was going to the shop. He knew I was coming. However a vehicle other than his was in the driveway that morning. I assumed it was amber's... IT broke my heart too.

6 days later he texts me a few times with no replies and finally the next day I reply to his message. He felt I gave up on us too soon and we really had fun together and I met him out for a drink. I told him I thought he was sleeping with Amber. he explained he is not! the vehicle in his driveway was a friend who drank too much to drive, a bunch went out, then continued to drink at his place and when everybody left a car was left behind.

I bought it with a little more song and dance... from christmas eve on I felt like I was wrong...and although LEARY I proceeded with some caution.... then Tuesday happened.


I was with him new years day overnight, Monday night until 430 in the morning. then again Tuesday I returned for the night. I brought my shower stuff which I had previously kept there. I went to return my hair dryer to the drawer under the sink. I found some other girls ditty bag with deodorant, lotion and a cheep pink toothbrush. SO what do I do?

I realize he is putting it in Amber (or some chick) and regular enough that she feels she can leave her stuff there. I formulate a plan. SO I pretend nothing was discovered. I shoot a cell phone pic and go about the night like normal. The next morning I get ready for work and I slip "her" a little note:

"I couldn't find mine, so I just used yours. <3, his other girl."

Left it Wednesday morning under her secret Deodorant in the bag. He has his son Wed. afternoon -Friday morning, so nothing yet.

however tonight. I am trying to get myself over there. I suspect he has plans with Amber because he is trying like crazy to just get a "good nights rest" so he will be all better tomorrow. He woke up sick Wednesday with a cold. I wanted to leave her another note before she found the first one...
Once I screw it up with Amber by exposing him, I will drop him too so he has nothing. Plus Amber is plain and 12 younger. not even a sexy chick.

support only, save the negativity. I find all this amusing and fun. I loved that man and for a year accepted he wasn't ready to commit but expected me to not date anyone else or mess around with anyone else and offered the same on his end... to me that sounds like a boyfriend.

He will get what is coming. and I am already moving on, just faking like I am not to be able to stick it to him harder, like he did me.

as I mentioned I was trying like crazy to get over there Friday. Well I did! But for some reason he asked me to park in his garage. I said sure! I pulled in but not enough to close the door all the way. The trim on my bumper caught the door. I thought good enough. I know he wanted to hide me and have the other girl not come over, well guess what? she showed up at 230 am. We are sleeping and hear the garage door open. I spike an evil grin and calmly ask, what is going on. She knocks on the door and he goes out to speak to her. All I heard and I was listening!! was him say, "Are you ok? Are you ok?" then he said "hold on just a minute, hold on." he grabbed something off the table and handed it to her. The she squealed  her tires as she reversed out of the driveway and again as she pulled forward. I was so proud I pulled that off, accidentally not pulling in far enough. When he returned to the bedroom he asked why I didnt pull in and I said I had never parked in there before I thought it was good enough, I didn't know... He pulled my car in and then returned to say. "Sorry about that"
instead of getting all crazy and mad. I sweetly said, "You can explain it to me later"

I have left many notes in the bag now. I believe she isnt coming back for it, (Evil grin)
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lol, Catty but priceless...Just hope you're "wrapping" him up if you're still sexing him...Love that leaving a note idea...and all this time, I just dropped my "throwaway" lipsticks in their car seats lol