Nunquam Honorandum Nisi Merito

I also believe that men should act in such a way as to deserve that respect.

I have a grudge against peoples use of the term "respect" I prefer instead "tolerate" -  respect, to me, is something sacred - you don't think 'I should treat that person with respect' It happens. . . naturally.

If a man holds true power respect will come naturally, if he holds false power, disrespect is the result. False power tends to manifest as "power over" the wielder of false power, unconsciously knowing it's just a bubble, will constantly seek to prove to themself that they hold power by exercising it in control - whereas true power tends to only command when needed, knowing when they do their command is carried out without doubt.

So, no - I do not believe that women ~should~ ~respect~ men. But I do believe that we should work towards a world where respect is common. The true kind.
theologian theologian
18-21, M
Jul 19, 2010