Misandry Must Go Out Of Style

I'm a really sensitive guy. Anyone who knows me IRL will tell you that.
I've also been harrassed and discriminated against for my gender.
The problem I have with this is: it's considered acceptable behavior to humiliate or subjugate males both in public and in polite company.
Once I was with my ex visiting a friend. This is an extreme case I'll admit, her friend had some other visitors... Some self-named "radical militant lesbian femenists."
I have been exposed to feminism in its purest form and have a great deal of respect for its ambitions and views. These people were in no way the embodiment of those ideals. These were truckers and construction workers who happened to be female. They were crude and obnoxious the whole time, and at one point, one of them pointed at me dismissively and said "Is this yours?" to my ex. It provoked a round of laughs at my expense, including my ex.
Another time, at a family gathering for someone's birthday, my wife was chatting with her brother-in-law in front of me. She started expousing the anti-male comment that she has teo children, implying I am one of them. This also provoked a round of laughter. Nobody was shocked by the hate language, nobody felt sorry for me being victimized by such a demeaning comment. On the contrary. It was FUNNY.
I was not laughing. At home I'm the cook, the dishwasher, zookeeper, garbage man and groundskeeper of all flooring. But it's funny to refer to me as if I'm a child.

If I were to male similar comments in any social context, I would at best be tolerated in hopes that I would go away. A mysoginist is looked upon as a pig, a barbarian who knows nothing other than the ignorance he was brought up to believe in.
It is unfair to me that ANY group, be it color, gender, attitude or dress be made to feel inferior and have it be not considered unacceptable by all right-thinking people who observe such offensive behavior. I've never deliberately made demeaning remarks to or about any women in my life, but when I leave my own home... Or even inside it! I may as well just give in and wear a bull's-eye shirt that says "lay it on me ladies. Men are scum and need to be put in their place."
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I agree completely. Men bashing should not be acceptable in any polite or even rude company. I have taken to objecting and calling them on it whoever some female or mangina uses men bashing in conversation or elsewhere. I write to corporations that use men bashing as a "joke" in advertisements. And we are not alone. A couple years ago Budweiser included a men-bashing "joke" in a Superbowl ad. They got a million complaints and lost several percent of sales. Few corporations would willingly pay millions of dollars to lose sales by bashing men, but most executives hire female dominated ad agencies and don't know that they are paying to drive away customers.

I always mention the competition in my complaint. For example when Briggs & Straiten portrayed a husband as incompetent about lawn care machines while his wife was smart, I wrote to their customer service and mentioned switching to Honda or Waukesha engines because of their men bashing.

On EP Questions, I often just post "That's soooooo Misandrist" instead of another answer when some femiNazi posts a men bashing "question."

It is important for men to object to misandry everywhere we find it. It can't continue to be acceptable to spew feminist hate about men all day, every day, day after day.

I agree with both, although I would caution against using hate language to combat hate language. There is no such thing as a "femi-nazi." That's garbage that comes out of the mouth of Rush, the king of hate-talk. I have had like I said good exposure to feminism... through my ex who was pursuing a degree in Women's Studies. We had a great time debating and learning from each other's points of view, hers being through education, mine through experience. Ironically, the cultural influence at the school was what did us in... the real thing, women who call themselves "radical militant lesbian feminists" - these are real people who identify themselves this way. They aren't the stereotype painted by use of hate language. But... being lesbians who study feminism, and the empowerment the pure form of it gives, and being not at all attracted to males, stewed up an evil brew of hate, which poisoned my ex's heart, and when she finally got her degree, she dumped me after 13 years, most of which we were living together and struggling to plan a future. She said she was just waiting till she got her degree to do it, too.