Men Need To Demand Respect.

Too many men today have been raised by misandrist single mothers and educated by misandrist schoolmarms. Too many men today won't demand respect. Too many men accept the constant men bashing, disrespectful language, and misandry without objection.

Female schoolmarms have been teaching the use of "males" instead of "men" for half a century. "Males" implies some subhuman beasts, while "men" implies respect. Two generations of men hating schoolmarms have convinced most men that "women and males" is the common usage. Few men will reject their misandry and insist on being called a man, not an animal.

Men need to demand respect and call feminists on their misandrist disrespectful language and actions. Men also need to call mangina lackeys on their misandry. Men have to demand respect and act respectably or we will be treated like wusses and manginas.
DozerDan DozerDan
66-70, M
2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

It seems to me a real man would be there for his child. Your missing the Grizzly bear about to bite your face off.

Nice post. Good points