Wanna make a baby, I asked, teased. I know he loves children - has a big heart and although I don't know him that well, I can sense he has a soft spot for them. His eyes closed, nodding his head in agreement and I heard a pleasurable groan. I asked, do you want a baby or do you just like the act of making them? He softly says, I think you would be a really great mom.

My heart sank. I felt a pit in my stomach.

I always said I want to be a successful business woman and never envisioned motherhood defining who I am. As I'm about to commit to a life with someone whom I know doesn't want children, I find myself lost. I love children, I am so great with them and they bring me so much joy. My other half doesn't want more children. He is 9 years my senior and has a child whom I've been a great stepmother figure towards from a previous marriage.

I want a baby. The thought of getting me pregnant and making a baby with me excites him so much. I don't want a baby with a man that doesn't want a baby. I want a baby with a man that says, I want you to be the mother of my children. I didn't know him well, and I wasn't supposed to be with him, but he wanted to make a baby with me.
missformidable missformidable
31-35, F
Aug 20, 2014