Sticks and Stones?

There is a saying... "Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Well... that's a false statement! Words are powerful and can damage or heal a person. Some people on EP do not understand this, nor even want to, which is sad. :-/

It was the power of words that had broken me, more than anything physical that had happened to me in my life. They have left their nasty scars in my soul, which may never go away. The pen can be and is often mighter than any sword... BUT, on the other hand... it was the power of words that have healed me too! Just a gesture, a little compliment, and a little encouragement will go far in helping a person heal. Words can comfort a person, in their darkest of hours and bring light into their life!

Before my best pal and I ever heard each others voices, we had only words back and forth on EP. And his friendship and care came across very well and was better than any embrace. I was able to stay focus and work on defeating my depression, with my best pal Philip around... and all he did was send me kind notes and silly notes that made me laugh! Him and Sharon refused to let me give up on myself then... and I kept moving forward because of them. :-)

Also, my dear friend, Momo... we only had words, before we heard each other voices. He was very kind and very cute! So... I fell for his words and his personality came across clear in his words. Hearing his voice, for the first time, it was like I already knew him. The voice was just a sexy bonus! ;-)

Love can blossom from words alone... wars can be started from words... social change can happen from words... close friendships can start with only one email. And words being spoken in person, into the ear, they are all the more powerful. This is why words should be handled with discipline and respect. Words can be a powerful weapon in defending oneself or loved ones... or they can be used to destroy innocent people. Words can be a powerful salve to all wounds.... or they can be used to make all suffering worse.

The real question is... in what way will YOU choose to use this powerful tool? Will you use it to heal or to harm? To love or to hate? To comfort or to disturb? I choose to use it to help, heal, love, comfort, laugh, and to do good with. :-D

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Very interesting thoughts. I also think that, with words, you can save a person. Without realising it, you could bring their soul crushing down, or make them think about something, and save them with your words. <br />
<br />
I know for one fact, I have been saved, by a girl who is now my best friend, because of her kind and helpful words.

I agree!