One Thing That I Deeply Regret:

When I first visited this site, I wrote a horrific story about my in-laws. I never believed in a million years that one of them might stumble about this site. Unfortunately I was terribly mistaken. I aired some pretty means things about these in-laws who live in Tunisia, North Africa. They are Muslim and very different from my culture--Anerica.

I made this post as an attempt to understand how others felt when they read my story. Sadly enough, one of them stumbled upon my story. They never would have believed that such words could come from me.

They now hate me! And the feeling of relief that I had from writing the story was not worth the damage it caused to my husband's family-- which I placed such poisonous false labels on.

My only hope it that one of them will read this story and know that I realize how deeply I hurt them-- and never thought, in a million years that they would even know about this site.

I am heartbroken and hopping over time they will forgive me and realize that I was angry and uneducated about their culture.

To you Amani and Mounira I beg your forgiveness but understand if I never receive it. I can not take back my hurtful words, instead I hope over time, you will forgive me for my cruelty.

Wanting forgiveness,


jtoumi23 jtoumi23
Mar 16, 2009