Born Poor But Made Good.

I was born to a poor unwed 16 year old girl, but her mother reared me with her other 8 children. My grandmother had no formal education nor a living husband to help her.

When I graduated from high school, I left the coal fields and went into the Army. While there, I was sent to Vietnam and returned home fortunate. Knowing that I did not want to return to minimum wage positions, I took a test for the Civil Service for the U.S. Postal Service. Upon leaving the military, I was hired by the Postal Service and stayed until I retired at the age of 55.

Since then, I have gained some college credits and have become a certified locksmith, computer repairman, accountant, Business Law, and Multi wordprocessor specialist. My hero is Dave Thomas (Wendy"s). He made millions and then returned to school to get his GED because he believed that an education was important.

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