It Is Only The Beginning

Next Monday, I will be in GA to bring my beloved back to MD to live with me.   I am now alone in the townhouse villa where my "ex" and I have lived for 3.5 years.  But that is only until Next Monday.  My"ex" drove off yesterday, with a car full of things, and a moving truck taking a third of what was in the house here.  And so, for the most part, ends this marriage. 

But my lady and I, we will celebrate our beginning.  although we have had weekend visits together, this will be our time to be together on a permanent basis.  For us, the best is yet to come.  Why, because both of us feel so connected in mind, heart and soul.  Because we will not have to call or text or IM to talk to each other, for we will be together.  We will not have to use our imaginations to give each other the hugs and kisses we thrive on and crave.  Because we will be able to sit side by side, and sleep, side by side, rather than just imagining it, or remembering out visits. 

We start our lives that day as a full time committed couple, free to love each other openly, free to enjoy being with each other, and free to go to bed in the same bed, wake up next to each other, and spend each day aside from work together.

We have our work cut out for us; my lady brings little, and my income and retirement have been decimated.  i have to leave this house in afew weeks, and we will move into a 1 bdr apartment. We will move ourselves for the most part, except for the very heavy things.  Our plan is to stay here, where my income is good, and live simply, save money, and get ready to move back to her hometown within the next year.  That is where we want to settle.  That is where we really have the promise of living well, loving much, and laughing often.  The best for us is still in front of us; this is only our beginning. 



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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Hope everything will work out great for you. I've been in similar situations, one didn't work out so great and the other did, Just remember the past is the past and if one is jealous of the other it's because you love them. It's not easy the second or third time around, When we're older. we<br />
re , more set in our ways. Just remember to love each other and let each be themselves not what you want them to be. Be respectful of each others, family, friends, belongings and space.

Thank you Sahira, for your words of encouragement and blessing.

Yes, my love...our life together will start in earnest that day....i can't wait to be with you all the time, be safe in your arms, where i know i'm loved...please, please, know that i love you every bit as much , baby!!<br />
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