One Solitary Life

He was born in an obscure Village
He worked as a Carpenter until 30
He became an itinerant "Preacher of Righteousness"
He never held an official responsibility
He never married or owned a house
He did not attend a College or University
He never wrote a Book
He had no credentials but himself
He attracted a band of faithful followers
He was assassinated by Bureaucracy @ 33

Twenty Centuries have come and gone since his birth. Today he is the most central figure in the Human Race. More books have been written about him and his teachings than any other person in History. Millions of songs have been written about him. One third of the earth's population owe some allegiance to him.

Of all the Armies that ever marched - and all the Navies that ever sailed - and all the combat planes that ever flew and the rhetoric of all the Politicians and all the Monarchs that ever reigned have not affected the "Life of Man on Earth" as that "One Solitary Life"

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May 5, 2012