Lord Of My Life

He knows our faults, weaknesses, and sins; dying for what we did, He created us for Him.
Bestowing power and wisdom upon His will; even tho we fall over again, still.
All for His glory, Abba, Father, The One--Him along I worship- The Great I Am!

Always believed in my God, in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Really began a truer relationship, and understood the true meaning of grace later in life. There is. Othing I can do without Him, and everything I go thru only makes me stronger. He is the Almighty God, Soverign over all. He uses us as He pleases to save the lost -His grace is suffient for me. My fave verse : II Corn 1:3 & 4.
yellowandblue yellowandblue
46-50, F
1 Response May 23, 2012

"I will serve thee. Becuz I love thee. U have given life to me. I was nothing before u found me. U have given life to me. Heartaches and broken pieces. Ruined lives are why u died on Calvary. Ur touch is what I long for. U have given life to me" my mom is a pastor and she will always sing hyms to me...this one is my face. My fave verse is Isaiah 41:9