To Quote George Carlin...

The children can't be our future because by the time the future happens they're no longer children so BLOW ME!!!
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I love George Carlin and I am happy to see this posted ^_^<br />
He was a genius and he continues to be my idol. This man spoke truth and he was hilarious while doing so. I can say I have learnt a great deal from him. Have you seen his advertising lullaby? :)

Yup, I've probably heard all of his stuff with only a few exceptions.

LoL I love George Carlin.... People like that just shouldnt die.....

ya, but he still lived a good long life and he kept doing what he loved right until the end :)

George Carlin was a genius! one of my Favorites was when he broke down the 10 Commandments to 2 things you just really shouldn't do.

I actually hadn't heard that bit before, but I just checked it out on youtube. As always, it's funny while being completely true.

Ya I was laughing uncontrollably when I first heard that one. He breaks it down perfectly. Same thing as when he breaks down the 10 words you shouldn't say.

I miss George. Thank you for keeping his wisdom alive.

Hahaha trueee!

thank you *takes a bow*

*applause* well said my friend