The Children Are The Future Of Humanity

The children are the future of Humanity so teach the children well
Teach them to respect our Mother Earth the one who feeds us all
And in years from now to you they will be grateful when memories of you they will recall.

The children are the future of Humanity but for guidance on you they do depend
They need you as a mentor and they need you as a friend
Children are innocent and easily led astray good role models they do need
That you have been chosen as their mentor to you is a great honor indeed

That they do not receive a fair change is sad to said

Far too many young children become victims of abuse
For wronging children in any way there cannot be an excuse.

As the teacher of the children you've been chosen for to lead
And though of good mentors and teachers we seldom hear about or read
That you do your best as a teacher for you enough of success
To young people that you mentor you bring hope and happiness.

I used the word teacher here but I mean everyone has to teach the children
You know it takes a village

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