Public Profile Now Open!

This Profile Is Used for the Public Users of EP Who wish to Connect in a way they Never have before! I Created this Profile so i can Give out the Password to Various Groups and People to Use as they wish. Before i tell the Password, Please Note:
1.Change the Profile picture at any point of time!
2.Change any Space that reads 'Do Not Fill This Space'!
3.Change Heritage, Age, Or gender!
4.Tell Others they cannot Use this Profile!
5.Leave Groups once youve Joined them or others have Joined
But on the Other hand, You
1.Post stories
2.Join Any Group
3.Post Questions
4.Post Confessions
5.Post Dreams
6.Add People within a Circle
7.Use this profile more then once
8.Remember NOT to Fill in any space that tells you not to!

Other then that, Please Enjoy the Profile!
Password to CommuintyEp :Publicprofile (if that dosent work, try PublicProfile)
CommunityEP CommunityEP
Jan 8, 2013