I Overcame Depression Without Touching Anti-depressants.

I have family members & friends who are dependant on anti-depressants to get through the day. See them suffering the adverse effect whilst on them, while withdrawing or when switching meds, meant when I had depression, I avoided doctors like the plaque.

In fact, one of the main symptoms of my depression was avoidance of just about everyone & everything. Plus the lethagy, paranioa, bad sleep, suicidial thoughts etc. If you've had depression, you'll get the picture.

Fortunately - I managed to get myself over it.

Having look over actricles about curing depression I can identify some of what helped me.

A. I got a new job, after being unemployed. 

B. I decided I would walk to work.

C. I went out with the new people I met at work.

D. With my earnings I was able to clear my biggest debts.

E. I became teetotal.

F. I started a comedy watching regime.

Unemployment & financial worries are a big contributor to the feelings of anxiousness that can cause & prolong depression. When I got them sorted, the anxiety lessened.

Alcohol contributes to depressed moods - teetotalism meant I was drinking myself worse.

And walking while enjoying your surrounding (especially good in the early morning) releases natural serotonin - what you are low on when you have depression. Laughing also helps, so do chucking comedies down my own throat probably helped too!

Meeting new people & agreeing to go out meant I was getting over my avoidance & taking some risk. As I had some good times, I got my "pleasure rewards" back.

Getting over depression didn't happen all at once - it took closer to a year to say I no longer that the issues that were plaguing me.

However, I just thought people should know that getting over depression is possible, with out having to resort anti-depressants, anti-anxiety or even sleeping tablets.

It's probalbly a bit more complicated if your depression is pain related, but even then there are pain management options & there's exercises that help not only reduce the pain, but increase your own sense of well being.

MadaManga MadaManga
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Thats great for mild depression .Major depression is a different story.You can't get out of bed to find a job or hold one.You can't walk outside because you don't want people to see you when your depressed. You don't even want to deal with people you know and like nevermind trying to meet new people.All those things you mentioned are great if can do them but sometimes you need something to help you out of that deep depression to even think about even getting out of bed everyday.

Congrats! I know the feeling(s). Exercise helps me. I am also anti anti-depressants. I am actually against most pharmaceuticals(I think it hinders natural selection). I am glad you found something that works for you. I still struggle every once and a while but am happier on the whole.

So whatever boosts the serotonin levels in our bodies is the key to curing depression how about love, love cures depression!!!! So go out and meet people a wide variety of people I am sure you will find someone out there whom you could love! Love shouldn't be so rare!