Those Who Have All The Money.........

Rule the world. It's not even a grand conspiracy theory. It's just common sense. But the rich are not all that active when it comes to controlling what goes on in the world. Why would they be? The very rich are insulated from the rest of us, so, for most things, they could simply care less what we do, but, when it comes down to money issues, they're always there, lurking somewhere in the shadows, making things happen that benefit them.

It always amazes me that most people think the Federal Reserve is a government agency. It's not. It's private and is controlled by huge international bankers, so the next time you wonder why Wall Street and big US banks never seem to be held accountable for anything, now you know.

Money talks. The rest of us walk. 

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6 Responses Feb 10, 2010

You know, I think about all those nations in the past who thought they were immune to revolution, including the United States, and I suspect it's only a matter of time before the right circumstances meet the right amount of desperation.

I agree, but it won't happen

I'm not big on conspiracy theories and I think the only conspiracy going on is a conspiracy of greed. It doesn't take a big leap to figure out that the very rich, huge multinational corporations, and large international bankers have behind closed doors meetings where they decide how they can squeeze even more money out of the rest of us and slip it right into their pockets in a way we won't notice. That's the kind of conspiracy I"m talking about. Greed.<br />
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I also try to stay away from diatribes because as soon as someone thinks you're a wing nut, they stop listening. But, I don't mind asking questions to discover how many people think the Federal Reserve is a government agency of if anyone understands fractional banking.<br />
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Congress legislated the Federal Reserve into existence and they can legislate it right back out. It would be a really big deal if we did that, though, because the Federal Reserve is sitting on a ton of Treasury Bonds that are IOU's from our government and we'd essentially be telling our creditors to go screw themselves.<br />
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But, that's exactly what I think we should tell our creditors.

I think the federal reserve has wondered that too which is why they are concerned with population control in the mind controlling sense. How would propose we do this ? Wipe out the federal reserve ? Vote on it ? How would you get it into congress for a vote ? How would you get past the fact that many of the people we have " elected" are involved in the whole federal reserve scheme ? march on washington ? How many people could you get to actually do this ? How many people would stop watching tv, playing video games or miss work that barely supports their family in order to march on washington for anything ? most people would think you a nutjob for saying the federal reserve is'nt federal even though it's the truth. They would'nt have the gumption to even check, They'd simply assume you are crazy and keep their false assumptions about the federal reserve. We are lazy, undisciplined, and preoccupied as a whole. Just the way they programmed us.

I've often wondered how those bankers would like it if we shut down the Federal Reserve and turned the nation's money supply back over to Congress, like the Founding Fathers intended.

The golden rule- He who has the gold, makes the rules.