A Peek At An Alternate View

I discovered this web site by accident but I share it now for all to see. It's too much to keep this info under wraps. I've been repeatedly going back to take another look and you should too.


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I'm gonna party like a rock star, hit a bunch of ***** bars, wake up naked in a hotel room... then I'll check it out.<br />
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Thx.<br />
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Peace out.<br />
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This is the link to the main page and on that page are links to 80 different groups,each of three topic discussions. They are written with a birds eye view of topics discussed and another link directs you to specific areas of the 80 groups so you can either listen or read the transcript.

It's too much for a nut shell review , you'll have to read it for yourself, because I really could not do this information any justice.