Short And Easy To Speak

  Whether it's an unusually pretty show of courtesy, or a loving action that flows from a compassionate heart - the smile and friendly words of a stranger have the power to re-empower another. We experience this every day, from that shy child you walk past on the street to the tireless cashier at your market....

    It reminds me of last Friday when I was in my university's cafe and, with my cup of soup, approached a table where a young man was already sitting. I asked him hesitantly, "Can I sit here?" He replied with a quiet, sincere smile: "Please do." When he got up to leave a while later, he thanked me for the company! I was left just about stammering, so grateful did I feel for his simple, kind welcome. It hadn't been an overly inspiring day for me, and this meeting somehow offered new hope for the often-dreary present.

An quote whose author is unknown to me: "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes can last a lifetime." I want to say thank you, whoever you are.

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I agree 100%

Lil kindness always worka

Read this posting as my second one of yours and I must admit here and now that two strike me. One, you write very well and very honestly. Two, you do have a very kind heart and sound almost like an ancient soul talking... Cherish your talents well and do well with your education. Val :-)

This little anecdote has made me realize something. As I think about the small subtle interactions I have with strangers that make me feel warm, like this one gentleman at the table did for you, it becomes apparent that I don't telegraph my reaction. I doubt the student at the table realized the impact he had on you. I'm not suggesting we go around gushing every time someone leaves the door open. That doesn't seem too socially acceptable. <br />
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What really struck me about the fact that this guy didn't realize his simple gesture affected you and the realization that the people who affect me don't know it either has made me think: perhaps the effort I put in at being polite and friendly isn't as waisted as it seems to me. Perhaps there are people each day that walk away from me thinking, "well that was nice."<br />
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That's an encouraging thought.

– I read your story about “the kindness of a stranger is a great gift;” I am impressed with a heart so pure and genuine coming from a young adult. Thank you for inspiring hope within me of the youth of today!! I came to your place and found that you have had many valuable life experiences for your age; perhaps the reason for your perspective and good heart. . . Amber, don’t ever loose that sincere and good heart of yours. That would be a great lose not only to you, but to the rest of us as well!!!

How true your words. one simple act of kindness reverberates and the echo indeed lingers infinitely. The young at heart have such a wonderful grace about them, yet unjaded. It is a gift to remain kind hearted, as we grow older, instead taking a better path. For we are all human beings, we all laugh, we all cry, we all feel, we all want in this life. We are all in this together. such a touching story you shared. May it be the start of more interaction which leads to continued good experiences as you walk the path of life.

In my experience, college years were hard on me. The first college years were in a sort of small, conformist town which was too much like being in high school. I was quite isolated and didn't have close friends. When I went in the service, I found a few good friends, one in particular was especially good to me and taught me a lot about human relations. Then, and later, I learned that people are individuals, everybody is different and also classic literature taught me that it is OK to be unlike other people, as long as you are yourself. We each have to follow our own way and look for others who can understand and respect us as we are, and avoid people who like to criticize or tear us down. It wears down the psyche and is very damaging. This sort of subtle bullying can make people feel like they are worthless. I think you have a good heart and have a lot to offer people, if they are sensitive enough to appreciate you. Please take care and be well!

It seems to me that there is a lot of unnessary unkindness in the world,especially among the young. However, I think if you actively reach out to those who are friendly and nice, you'll be surprised at how many friends you'll have. Don't get discouraged. I also must say that when I met my wife ten years ago, that led to the happiest time of my life which is now. I didn't know it at the time but a book that really helped me understand people was Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People which I read when I was nineteen. One thing I learned there was how to listen to people and take an interest in them. I have followed this simple thing all my life and have had many rewards as a result.

It is amazing, the true act of unselfishness to a complete stranger. I found a quote sometime ago that stated its not what you hear or what you see, but how that person makes you feel.......words are powerful both good and bad. You cannot chose certain things in life, but you can chose your actions and reactions to situations..........make today a good one and show someone unexpected kindness and love.....

amazingly true

i dont if your expecting to get nicness from everybody. ur not getting ti from me

Thank you