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I used to be very vocal on FB about the governments evil doings. When I started researching Geo-engineering and 9-11. I of course posted my opinions which brought a crap pile down into my lap. So I have this long time friend who always would try to dispute every little thing I said and finally one day I had enough. Because I KNOW that they are spraying **** on us from those airplanes I have been researching and documenting them myself for almost 2 years. These are my 2 posts that finally got my friend off my back but he is not my "friend" anymore.

Holy **** man! I am not an idiot and I know the difference between contrail vapor and chemical spray. I have video of 30 military jets in less than 4 hours flying all over the valley on Buttercreek extension Rd. They were spraying that **** on election day. WTF are these jets doing flying back and forth over bum flipped Egypt for? The skies here look like checkerboards sometimes.

What would they hide it for? They convinced America that a Boeing 757 could fit in a 16ft hole in the pentagon and that the fact that it had 9600 gallons of jet fuel (it was transcontinental) and would have burned at over 50 million BTU's for more than a week (only smoldered for a few hours) But there are photos of the aftermath of the hole in the building where you can see the individual offices but that fire never even burnt a book sitting on a stool on the first floor on the left side of the pentagon. Those other 2 jets (that took down the twin towers) conveniently with precision of a demolitions expert. If we will swallow that load we would swallow anything.

It's sad to see my countryman so blindly fumbling through this brief but wonderful life consuming and laying to waste each other, our mother earth and all the beautiful animals, with out forethought or concern for the mess we leave behind for our poor children to suffer through. Let me continue to say my butt has and exit only sign and I see the sheeple gladly bending over and spreading their cheeks while the evil and vile monsters that call themselves our leaders, ram a huge rod up their butts with vix vapor rub as lube. Now turn around and say with a smile "Thank-you sir may I have another?"

My father was in the EOD and on the National Nuclear Response Team, he met President and Mrs. Reagan and did over 20 missions with the Secret Service Team that protected them. He worked on Johnston Island in a full respirator, knee deep in mustard gas and nerve agent. He demilitarized that entire facility. He worked for Ratheon as a CEO when he died. My point is, he cleaned up this governments messes his entire career and he was a perfect soldier and public servant but he was not stupid. OH no far from it. He told me since I could remember "Our country does horrible things that you would think only third world terrorists and commies would do. Never believe what they tell you, especially on the mainstream news because it's all lies and propaganda" He knew this because he lived it. He saw it. My father followed orders that he did not like for this country too. Know that he did not relish the task. It ate at him until the day he died. Which only fueled his mistrust and he voiced this all to me.

I will live by those words and if someone proves me wrong about chem-trails I will publically prostrate myself and let the illuminati take turns with my butt. But since I have seen with my very own eyes and done research and studied them for almost 2 years I know that is in no way a possibility.

I am soo sick of people projecting their own fear and insecurities on me because what I believe in interferes with their programming. If you don't like my posts, my pictures or my political views, by all means, unfriend me. Do I go to your feeds and call you ignorant and crazy. No I don't. I will not live in fear or put a lid on my passion in my beliefs for anyone or anything. If you don't like it, unfriend me. It's that simple.
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Finally. Someone that actually sees what's going on.

Thank you, sir, may i have another? Just kidding....I have so many qualms about what our government is up to, that if they didn't pay for my meds and dental, i'd rant and riot myself. Too bad I have to spread my cheeks and take it in the ***.....but I like my mental stability.