We All Go A Little Ovis Aries Sometimes...

I would also add that we are all sheep to some degree; humans are creatures of habit by nature. There are always observers and then there are also questioners, but I think the vast majority of people just fall into the sheep category. TV, religion, government and laws - it's all there to control us (to ultimately profit off of us) and we just follow because we don't know any other way. Too comfortable, too lazy, too ignorant... for whatever reason, most people just live their daily lives without being consciously aware of why they do what they do. After a while it becomes a routine. Then, well, that's just how life is. BS. Life can be pretty much anything you make it, but first you have to have some awareness of the world around you and of your actual desires, not just what society and the powers of authority want you to do.

doe333 doe333
31-35, M
Feb 20, 2010