In life you either lead or you follow. Being a follower isn't a bad thing if you know what, and why you are following what you are following. However Most Humans do not know why or what they are following. Lets just look at the average life. You go to school, then you go into debt so you can go to post secondary school. While working to support yourself you go further into debt to get a house and a car. To keep up with the trends you go even further into debt. You then waste your life paying off debts that you may die with. All or Most of your kids grow up and do the same thing. WHY? Why do we stay in this stupid cycle. 

Or you could look at religion. Christianity is the perfect example of sheep like people. Following in a blind faith is what they do best. Uneducated, Ignorant, and completely unwilling to further their education of the world. Its funny how Christians read books by Christian authors and then tell us, who have read books by multiple authors to overcome bias, that we are narrow minded and ignorant. Its actually sad if you think about the amount of children are raised to believe that the Bible is the perfect word of GOD. Its a form of brainwashing. It is quite obvious that the Bible is with err and that the Christian doctrines are wrong. Message me if you want to debate.

Overall, everyone is a slave/follower to something. It may be religion, money, drugs, sex, peer pressure,etc... One most overcome all these to not be a follower. Desire must be destroyed, otherwise you are a slave to your desires. It is very hard to not be a sheep in todays society. The few who achieve this are sometimes looked at and admired, but many times they are looked down upon. 

I will attempt to live my life my way. When you ask me what religion I am, I will say my own. When you ask what I do for a living, I will say as little as possible. When you ask me any question, I will give you my response which I hope and will try hard to keep it from being influenced by anything other then me or those like me or those who I admire that have found the way out of being sheep.

The saddest part about being like sheep is that sheep are sometimes led to slaughter, Their stupidity makes them vulnerable to every little thing. This is the same as humanity.   

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18-21, M
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the majority of men lead lives of quiet desperation.<br />
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