Admendment To My Word " Parabolic" Also Means " Cyclical"

This being my Group I made. The Title:

"I Believe The Mayan Calendar Was Suppose To Be Parabolic"

Also Means: "Cyclical"

As I have been watching the Historical Plaques from "Ancient Aliens" Series on the History Channel.

Or if one was to glimpse at the book of "Revelation" in the Christian Bible.

It's as if Angles are Distributing Events. Angles are in a new focus as being interpreted as: "Intelligent Extra Terrestrial Aliens". What if? This Flu Break right now that is going on and the Weather is a bit of these ... Events? Still in my mind, from what most had tried to Interpret as the End of the Mayan Calendar as an Apocalyptic End of the World. Like One Big Black Idea. Is not Black Idea, but is a Gray Idea?

(Which I did not agree with. But I still believe the Calendar Means something about 12/21/2012 that we now lived through. Meaning Events of Spectacular will go into play and we will live through them. Live through them this year 2013. I am watching 2013 with Events many now are not going to Pay much attention to. But I will try to keep my Attention going as 2013 elapses.

And see what the "Cyclical" Events of Earth Faces ... (???)

I just read a Comet is coming by the near end of this Year 2013. I am going to be assuming it has some meaning for (Us).
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jan 12, 2013