I Have Proof ...


Everyone knows the moon is made of cheese - and I've seen "A Grand Day Out" where Wallace and Gromit go for a picnic on the moon - they take their crackers and eat the moon's surface which is cheese of course - and tastes "a bit like Wensleydale".   


The proof that we all needed!

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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haha yes gryfnn ... my next move is the join the "Flat Earth Society" ... my daughter will know I'm really beyond redemption!! lol

Well, there used to be a website, where they had proof that the earth is flat.. and that connects with the proof that the moon is made of cheese... however I'm pretty sure it's GREEN cheese.

Yes I read his autobiography some years ago, a great story. Yes, I don't see why cheese isn't possible ...

Hi womaninbliss<br />
The Moon is a Balloon! According to David Niven anyway. I go with cheese.<br />

haha ... no of course ... how could I?<br />
I still think A Grand Day Out is the best - I love the little robot ski-ing on the moon ... it remains one of my favourite Nick Park animated sequences of all time - that and some scenes featuring Shaun the Sheep who is another favourite.

haha ... yes and a penguin wearing a rubber glove on its head to disguise itself as a chicken manages to cause havoc. great stuff!