The Other Night

i had some friends come over and go swimming, i experience things alot as is, and my house is haunted, well my friend owns a ouija board and was suggesting lets bring it to my house, i started to tell her no and then went into greater detail about the things that i have experienced at my house, she flipped out, and as the other friend was telling me about her experiences and about how she tends to ask about future random stuff and and all of it has came true, i started getting intrigued, b/c i do have some ?'s that need answers and got my mind changed BUT NOT AT MY HOUSE, needless to say the first friend i spoke up was too afraid to even go back into my house and i kinda like it that way but now i hate that my interest has been toyed with, but i still realize the risks involved but still... i wanna
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things would go missing, things would be moved, my covers moved off my bed one night and every electronic device that was off came on tv had static noise to it that same night there was unexplained pounding at my back door, things would get turned, foot steps in the hall, sounded like chairs were being pulled down the hall, went to the bath room one time swore i saw three orbs that were dancing in and out of my shower curtain til i turned on the light, would find toys in my room that i couldn't explain, and would hear children laughing sometimes, and saw two children a couple of times.. i think that was pretty much the sum of it all

i want to know the things that has happened at your house

Thanks for sharing this