Not A Tool And Not A Game.

I dont mean to offend anyone but it all depends on what you believe. I believe that there are no human spirits on earth, only demons. In truth i believe it because almost all earth refuses to believe that demons are the only spirit entity (12:91 revelation, 5:19 john;With the help of demons, Satan is misleading the entire inhabited earth.
Demons can literally take an image of a loved one or of someone or something that will pique your interest to basically make you believe in something untrue. They are deceivers and will make anyone believe what they want. Ouija boards or spiritual boards of any kind are just tools for demons to use on us! Not the other way around like most people would think.
A ouija board is so that humans can contact spirits and such right? When we use it we are inviting whatever entity is around, whether its a smaller demon with less power or a very powerful one usually in a black mass form, to use our arms or our hands to make the pad move to letters.
Spiritism does what bait will do for fishermen, a fisherman uses a variety of baits to catch various kinds of fish.
A spirit medium may give special information or speak in a voice that seems to be that of a dead person, as a result many people believe the medium not realizing that it is a demon that gives mediums their information and they can imitate the voice of a dead person. It is to ensure many people get mislead and make spiritualism seem appealing and exciting.
Alot of people blame God for the suffering in the world but what no one really knows is that He created us yes, but in 1914 when Satan and his demons were sent to earth, its Satan who rules and makes us think that God is bad or mean or spiteful when its him making us suffer.
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