I Believe There Are Gates To Other Worlds.

When you don't want someone to come through your yard you put a gate up with a lock on it. So when you do want someone to come in you unlock it with a key. My point is there is a gate to the paranormal and the ouija board is the key. Some people laugh about this. I say it is no joking matter. My family has a history of dealing with the occult. I will never touch one of these in my life. I love watching and learning about the paranormal however I know what to leave lieing in the depthes of the unknown. I will not walk down the dark paths my family has. Everyone who has dabbled has tried to give thier all to god and Jesus. They act like they never did no wrong and judge others on trivial matters. I am a pround wiccan. I have nothing against other relegions I just devoted myself to what I believe. I am a white witch and will never use black magik. I just wish some others would realize how dangerous this tool is.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

I feel something in the way of sharing. To be aware of it is wise. For me to even address what is in the dark, or I basically mean, to bring attention to whats in or of that place, is enough to awaken whats there to look at me. My feel is for the "don't even go there" phrase. unless I have been made to. and then, my spirit repells like a repelling ide of a magnet.