Since Then, I Believed.

I was in grade four when my friend and I managed to get our hands on an Ouija board. We used it several times, and each time we were able to interact with it. I knew it couldn't have been my friend moving the piece because I could see how genuinely afraid she was, and she was constantly wanting to quit, but I was just way too curious to stop at her request. We asked it many questions, and always either got a yes or no, or it would spell out entire sentences for us.One night during a sleepover with four of us, I remember asking what our guardian angles names were, (I was pretty religious back then) and it spelled out a different name for each of us, all of which ending in -star. Four different names, all ending with star? Not something I would imagine four spooked 10 year olds making up. We asked once who we were talking to, and the reply was 'the devils father'. Someone else claimed he was in hell for murder, and was scared and wanted to leave. We were all pretty freaked out by these responses, but amazingly kept on going. We asked him what hell looked like, and he spelled, 'icicles on the ceiling, and fire from below'. An interesting concept that I often wished to depict in a painting. There were several times when we were talking to spirits when the moving piece would suddenly move around the board rapidly and very heavily, at times almost ripping the paper. (we used both the home-made boards and the store-bought). So, as you can imagine, I certainly dont believe that Ouija boards are toys, and I know now that there is a spiritual world that we cannot see.. I wont call it heaven or hell, but whatever it is, it will always fascinate me.
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The devils father? LoL! That's crazy. I'm going to do one as my curiosity won't let me stay away from them.

Satan is the prince of this world and called "the prince of the power of the air" by the Apostle. Though not omnipresent, his minions move about freely are all over the world and use objects like the Ouija Board to create an open invitation for themselves. They then use this invitation to confuse those who don't know the truth.
Believe me, LighthouseKeeper, the demons have only one purpose and that is to fool and confuse as many as possible. They want you to pay attention to anything but the truth of God's gift of salvation for your soul. This gift is free through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Heaven and Hell exist. One costs nothing; the other you pay for with your soul.