My Experience Says No.

My experience started when I was about 20 or 21 years old. I was living with a friend, where it seemed everybody just sorta moved in there if they were in need of a home. One day I was out running some errands and I came home went to mine and one of our roommates room to find everyone gathered around my bed playing with a Ouija board. That experience opened a window, for me at least, that I have never been able to close. They were all sitting there playing with this board and I had seen one before in the movies and what not but I had just started learning about the occult and specifically the pagan faith and a few days before my group and I discussed this very board and how it is only a board but if people use it as a game and are not safe while using in, by protecting themselves from anything bad that could come from it, that things may happen you won't be expecting. I told them that they should at least cast a protective circle and be safe with it but they always thought my faith was silly so they ignored me. They played with that thing for what seemed to be hours, and eventually the planchette started moving on it's own and they kinda looked at each other sorta freaked out and everyone swore they wasn't doing it. I could tell from the look on their face they was all telling the truth. The board directed it's responses to me, though I never told anyone, until now. It spoke of Edward and peppered popcorn and bush. Now my grandmother called my grandfather Edward even though his name was Eddie and his favorite snack was popcorn with tons of pepper and his favorite beer was Busch Beer. I stood there frozen trying not to show the fear in my face knowing full well that that was not my grandfather because he would never use a thing as that (at least I do not think so.) It said a few more things that I cannot remember and after I was fully creeped out and so were they, it was decided to get rid of it. I never once touched the board because I knew better. It was not in a protected circle and I knew something bad was going to happen. They laughed it off swearing that someone was moving the planchette and everyone giggling while denying it. I just sorta left and went for a walk. I needed to clear my head. I went to my mentor and best friend's to tell her what had happened.
A few days went by and the owner of the home walked in from work and she just sorta looked at me and said " have you seen my phone?" I told here no last time I seen it was the night before on the mantle. And we discussed how it wasn't there anymore and she was late for work so she went without it. We started looking for it and I went to the mantle and there it was. Now the weird thing is, we looked there in the very beginning and it was not there. We brushed it off and went about our day. The next day I was making dinner, as it was my turn, and I heard a "THUD" I turned around and at this point I was more than startled and noticed the cupboard was open. Ok..... I closed it and finished dinner. I seriously was beginning to feel like I was in a paranormal movie (the found footage genre wasn't that big yet so I talk of like entity and things like that) In the mean time My friend was not acting like herself. We mentioned it and she just rolled her eyes and said she was fine. We knew things were not fine. She was all bout appearances and she looked like she had just rolled out of bed and it was 7 in the evening. She sat at the table and ate dinner not saying a word. Something wasn't right.
Over the next month the activity was becoming more and more active and by now we were well aware something was wrong. A book actually flew off our table at one point. My friend's demeanor had gotten worse and one evening she went nuts, smacking at our friend “Jim” and cursing and carrying on. She finally fell asleep and we all sat in my room discussing what the heck was going on. “I'm telling you it is that board. I told them all it was just a board but if you misused it bad things could happen. They were hesitant but we told each other if it happened again we would ask for help. By the time we realized this though it had started affecting the children as well as ourselves. The negativity created by something like that was causing a gap between all of us. We were fighting all the time. Not getting along at all. “Sue” did end up freaking out again, thankfully all the kids were staying with a friend we had come in from outside and she was sitting on the sofa kinda staring off into space and again she just flipped out. Now granite she could have been just goofing off trying to scare us but I wasn't taking chances. It still didn't explain the footsteps or the opened cabinets or the book. Something had to be done. I called a close friend of mine and she did a blessing and cleansing of the house and it took a very long time to get things back to normal. Two of the roommates moved out the very next day. Shortly after that I moved away and I just recently started to talk to those friends again, but we have never once brought that time up. And I am sure we never will. Since that experience I have never touched a board again. Sure I may some day, but I know now that you have to be very clear minded and at least a little close guarded when messing with it. And always always protected. It really isn't a game.
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