My Mom Played It..... So Did I Once....never Again

There are some things you shouldn't consider a GAME! Love, Marriage, Friendship, and Ouija Boards......They are NOT A GAME!!

My mom & a friend of hers did the ouija when they were 16 or so. The ouija told my mom that she'd lose one of grandfathers in the very near future, that she would marry a man with the same initals as her father. That she'd have one child, a girl. That the marriage wouldn't last. That her ex would want to take their daughter for her 5th birthday and she'd die in a car crash...... Well, her grandfather died less than a week later. My father has the same initals as my grandfather. They divorced when I was 2. Daddy called and asked momma if he could have me on my 5th birthday....She said NO. To this day, I believe that answer is the only real reason I'm alive.....

To hear more on how I feel about momma's experience look for my story in "I am a Sexual Abuse Survivor".

My experience with the ouija wasn't as dramatic as mommas. There were 13 of us around the table, but only 3 had their fingers actually on the board. The spirit called himself "Natas" and pretty much scared the **** out of us all. The reason I know it wasn't a joke is because it spelled out a name and incident from my past that NO ONE THERE knew. To this day, I have nightmares about that night. We had the stereo come on without being plugged in. We were in the Rec Hall where they had the dances at a trailer park we all belonged to. Anyway, the stereo came on blaring static, the lights played on the walls. It was just the scariest frickin' thing I had ever been a witness to and I will NEVER do a ouija board again as long as I live. I believe there are somethings in this world that you just shouldn't play with..............

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Something tried contacting you mabe they didnt mean to frighten you they were just letting you know they have a connection, apart from the electrics what actual harm did they do?, they just tried to inform you that they are responsive through electricity, an energy but its too much for people to grasp and they feel fear because they dont understand this kind of communication.

I completely agree Rog. It is not something to be messed with. xo