Not Really, No.

I'll start this by saying, I'm not of the religious variety. So this means that I don't think when using a board we're conversing with demons or whathave you. My agreement with this is based solely upon having used boards several times as a teen. Some of the things I was "told" whilst using one were disturbing. To the point that I haven't used one in many, many years.

While I don't think I'm conversing with devils, I do believe theres more to them than just being a mass-produced spook for curious youngsters.

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

The internet itself is proof positive that a bunch of teenagers given free reign to express themselves without inhibitions or fear of consequence can be capable of astounding cruelty without any demonic influence whatsoever. I imagine a Ouija board has much the same effect, if not more so because they're acting subconsciously, so not even their own moral compass is getting in the way.

Actually, be careful, and advise is to stay away from it. There were a group of college students messing around with one not too long ago, and there was a Bible on a stand one was near it, it fell to the floor and slid under the bed by itself and caught fire (true storie), you may not have those beliefs, but i do believe that theres evil behind it, wanting people to be infatuated to medal with it, and it could cause chaos. Advisable not to mess with such things.

I fully agree with you. I have had experiences that were pretty scary and acurate. One time which was my last It told all three of us using the board that my best freind would die in a car accident. She was killed by a drunk driver a year later. It is not to be taken lightly and definatly should not be touched by the hands of a child or people that do not understand who or what they could or have summond . All my best, Twylanne