For Those Who Looks For Him Shall He Appear

There are so many people that do not believe that Jesus is coming back. He is!
These are those who take on a form of godilness but denying the power thereof 2Ti 3
All that are listed are in the world today, they are some that are half-hearted.
These can accept part of the bible and the other part they wrestle with or flat out deny it!
People seem to think every since the bible days that they can believe whatever they wish to and not to about God and his word.
However, at the Second Coming it will be a sad day indeed for these people who are so great in number.
St. Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. I just can't accept anything people say because who would not believe it is not anything better than this world?
Everyday I drive down the street I see trash and imperfect things corruptiable things, I say, "It has got to be a better place."
There were people who had died and gone to Hell and Jesus in the death on the cross went into Hell and preached to those giving the a chance for eternal life. Sad to say all could not accept the truth. After Christ rose from the dead with all power in his hands he had his heavenly power in which he had laid down on the cross, he was back in the spiritual form and he was ready to decend back into heaven.
In St. John 17:11-26 Jesus prayed for those that were waiting and for all that were to come. He prayed for the keeping of his people.
Why do you suppose Jesus prayed that we not be taken out the world but kept in the world and from becoming as the world ? We belong to God and it was surely to prove to the devil that God has all power to have people here in this sinful world. And just as sure as God is God he will return for us! God has not forgot about his people the fruit of all his long suffering but God wish that none should perish but all come to repentance.So there fore God tarrys for the sake of our souls and those that are eternal lost to be ready when he come back. In the first 3 books of Acts it explains how God's people can be kept until his coming and be caught up in the coming of God. Simply put recieving the Holy Ghost! "THe Holy Spirit" will perseve us until the coming of God. The same Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead proclaimed in Romans well if we recieve the Holy Spirit it will teach us how to stay and what to do to prepare ourselve wether we die or be alive in the coming of God. Surely every believer of God will be looking for the coming and with great expectations desire to be with their creator eternally.
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Behold he comes riding on the clouds shining like the sun,at the trumpet call lift your voice cause it's will be a day of jubilee for all those who carried their cross and followed for those who don't here is what really need to be feared:<br />
Isaiah 66:24<br />
Then they will go forth and look<br />
On the corpses of the men<br />
Who have transgressed against Me.<br />
For their worm will not die<br />
And their fire will not be quenched;<br />
And they will be an abhorrence to all mankind.”<br />
<br />
that's an everlasting torment

Wow we! This is an awesome comment I love it!