The Welcome Wagon

The other day, I decided to have a little one on one praise session with God. I put my headphones on, turned the music up and started singing and praising. It was kind of weird though. Usually when I have my praise session, I release everything. It starts out as tears, then by the time it's over it's complete joy.

This time, it started OUT as joy. Then I had these weird visions to go along with the songs. I could see people standing on clouds singing as the Procession Jesus and the bride made it's way to Earth. They were coming out of the clouds in a slow descent. The coolest part is that we were singing "How Great is our God", but every corner of the Earth was singing in it's own language and it sounded wonderful!

The singers all had their own little rifts that matched together perfectly. It was like a symphony that spanned the Earth, and while everyone was doing individual things it all fit together perfectly on a Global scale.

The people standing on the low level clouds were all nobodys too. The nerds, geeks and outcasts. They were leading their sections and standing tall for the world to see. For the first time, people were focused on them, because they had slightly closer position to Jesus, and everyone was wondering "What did they do?!"

While everyone was proud of their position, ALL of the glory went to Jesus. All of the focus was on him. It was pretty unbelievable.

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Nov 28, 2012