I can see past a lot of things on a man.  Some are a bit to tall or short.  Some are bald.  But the one thing that they must have is a nice strong chest.  It can be hairy, it just cant be soft and flabby.  No girl wants to finish with sex and lay over on a hot sweaty soft chest.  Sorry guys, no matter what they are telling you to your face, time to tone it up.  It has to be firm. 

Now I am not saying Arnold built, but not Larry the Cable Guy soft either. 

yngteen4fun yngteen4fun
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

If you dont care what I think, why are saying anything? I guess I am just too shallow to understand such an intenligent and insightful man like yourself. If you dont care, why are you saying anything?

Sorry Kinky guy, I dont recall ever saying I spoke for all woman. And next time before you decide to jump down my throat because your to fat, why not take a break and go for a walk and not to the kitchen for twinkies either. Dont be mad at me because your fat and out of shape and cant get anything but sick little boys who are members of your family.