For The Ladies

I might be in a minority here when started this group. I honestly believe it's true though. There are some woman on here who have no photos at all who are great to talk to. Me personally I don't care what you look like. If you can carry on a normal conservation with someone on here have a little fun too. that's just as sexy as having 500 photos. I like women who will at least attempt to make a connection with me. If you just take the time to listen to one of these women you might find out they are just as fun and sarcastic as what most men are an equal not just another pretty face. So next time you don't want to add someone because they have no photos or very few you might be missing out on a great opporrunity.

Now there are a few exceptions to this these women are really special not only do they look good in photos they are more than happy to carry on conservation with anyone who would give them a chance. so if you add them just to look and never talk to them I see no problem with them deleting you. They want to feel that connection too. that's probably the reason why they joined in the first placeĀ I was surprised myself to find out how wonderfully intelligent they are and how amazingly beautiful they are as well.

I personally have a few of both and I could not be happier.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

This doesn't seem the best place to share pics anyway. People interested in pictures would be better in some place like flickr. EP seems, to me at least, more of a place for conversations.