I Truly Believe This..

How come no one cares, until you're gone?
Why kiss *** to the rich man, when a poor man simply needs a meal?
Boys; why spoil the girl who knows nothing but getting whatever she wants?
Girls; why go after the boy who's a tool when the good one is pouring his heart out to you?
Why destreminate when we are all the same on the inside?
Why leave the ones behind who care so deeply for you just because they are "in style" or "cool" or whatever you're lame excuse is!?
It angers me!
Why did he forget me, when I had no choice to brake up with him?
Why do these songs remind me of better days in my addiction?
Why are people so fake?
Why am I rejected almost every where I go?
Why do I feel so alone in a crowded room!?
Is this all in my head?
Or am I the only one seeing it?
I can't talk, I have done or caused most these things..
Sadly, I have been the twisted scrub I desperately hate..
After all..
Why am I still alive after all I've done?
Why hasn't my family exiled from themselves after all I've stolen, cheated, and lied about?
Why did Jesus die.. for me?
he8myheart he8myheart
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

a family is still a family.. your mother and father will always be there for you...
Jesus died for you and for us... because he wanted to save us from the sins of this world...
you are young... there's more life ahead... know where to find your happiness from that your life will be worth living :)
as long as you are breathing .. there is hope.. never lose that... keep the faith

life can be soo effin unfair to some.. but still .. Life is beautiful.. you hold the key to your happiness.. never let any other people draw your story for you...

thank you for reading and responding!
and everything you said is very, very true!

we are given two gifts.. the gift of choice... and the gift of chance to make those choices.. maybe we need to be wise to make use of them :)